Make more time for you and those you love.
We can help you find your balance.

Household Management

Organising households, running errands, cleaning services, dry cleaning, pet services, paying bills, maid services … and all things boring!

Decluttering Services

Decluttering of surfaces, pantries, kitchens, bedrooms, home offices, garages, child memorabilia, customised storage solutions … and all things cluttery!

Personal Shopper

Gift buying, personal stylist, floral arrangements, gift sending/delivery, special occasion shopping, Christmas shopping, Easter, Birthdays, Mother’s day,  Father’s Day … and all things shopping!


Event planning, event management, festivals, conferences, weddings, functions, birthday parties, Christmas dinners, chef hire, restaurant/venue hire/bookings, concert bookings, sporting … and all things eventful!


Itinerary planning, accommodation booking, airfare booking, hotel transfers, weekends away, family vacations, romantic getaways and complete holiday packages … and all things holiday!

Personal time

Grooming, personal ascetics, health and fitness, personal training, spa treatments, pamper packages, massages … and all things you!